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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Benedict Barbie

I think my blood pressure has calmed down enough in order to write this one without every second word being a curse. The chain-smoking and sip or two (or three, or four...) of wine may be helping that.

Ok, so Belinda leaving wasn't a complete surprise. Really, look at what she's been saying in the media over the past couple of weeks. Trying to patch the holes she's kicked in the party during that time, it's probably made full-time work for one or two OLO staffers.

And, if it was a matter of conscience, she would have sat as an independent, as Killgore has. I would have had a bit of respect for that - not a lot, but a bit. To join the Liberals, and take a nice plum cabinet post - smells like bribery.

I wonder how much of this was ambition. With the Liberals close to losing an election, Paul Martin's time as leader is drawing to an end. For him to go from majority, to minority, to defeat - while he doesn't have many scruples, I would think that even he will resign. I've got one hundred dollars that says that she runs for the Liberal leadership, when Paulie-Boy is gone. After how she behaved at the convention, and her comments over the past couple of weeks... her handlers must have told her that she needed to find another party to try to run.

Good Riddance.

On another front,

Some great coverage on CPAC today. During one of the prime-time shows, they had a Liberal (one of their ladies from Quebec, who bears a resemblance to Benedict Barbie), John Reynolds, and Judy Wasylycia-Leis from the NDP. During the show, former Ontario PC cabinet minister Bob Runciman was quoted, saying, "I think she (Stronach) sort of defined herself as something of a dipstick -- an attractive one, but still a dipstick -- with what she's done here today." The Liberal MP and the CPAC commentator asked Reynolds, "Shouldn't your party apologize for that comment?" When Reynolds replied, "He isn't one of our MP's, why should be apologize for what he said as a private individual", they kept pressing him, wanting Reynolds to... I don't know, I guess take some responsibility for what a former Provincial PC cabinet minister said. Great objective journalism, CPAC. You make me sick.

To close with another provincial Tory's comments, I leave you with Alberta MLA Tony Abbott's statement: "To me, what it is, it's a little rich girl basically whoring herself out to the Liberals"

Enough said.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Time to Take Action

This evening, I decided that, instead of sitting here whining and complaining, I'd actually try to do something. Right now, the only person who can bring down the house (and respect this week's vote) is the Governor General. So, I Emailed her - and asked her to stop this madness. Then I thought - wait a minute, the Governor General only represents the Queen, so why not go all the way to the top? That's right, I Emailed (well, used a web-based form) the Queen of England, and asked her to instruct the Governor General to call an election.

To contact the queen, visit

To contact the Governor General, Email, call her at 1-800-465-6890 (toll-free, of course), or fax her at (613) 998-1664.

Let's get off our rears (well, figuratively speaking, if nothing else) and do something.

To those of you in the Winnipeg Area, the Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia EDA is having a rally/fundraiser on Saturday, May 14th, with Peter MacKay. It goes from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM in Charleswood - for more information or to RSVP drop me a line at

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I try to keep my posts more factual-based, and less emotional, but I've had enough.

In any other country, there would be massive rioting on the streets. The Government stealing money from the people, ignoring democratic elections in favor of appointing friends (the recent Senate appointments) - and now, ignoring Parliament's wishes, and refusing to resign. In any "developing nation" (as is the politically-correct term for nations more commonly known as second and third-world countries), the citizens would be marching at the seat of Government, demanding the Prime Minister's/President's head, or the military would be executing a coup. Of course, our beloved Liberals have taken care to ensure that our military does not have the equipment needed to take over the local boy-scout troup, let alone the Government. I don't mean to speak ill of our military, they do the best that is humanly possible with what they have.
That is not to say that I think that we should riot, or that our Military should commit treason and take down the Prime Minister - but, such things have happened for much less.

To calm down a bit,
Tactically, a vote next week is not a sure thing. Two Conservative caucus members are quite ill; I have heard rumors that one is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday - which would pretty much make it impossible for him to get into Ottawa for a Thursday vote. Assuming only one of the two is able to make it, and assuming that the parties vote as they did last time around, the Conservatives need Kilgore to flip, and Cadman to vote with the Conservatives or not show up..

When Steven Harper, with Chatters and Stinson, accused the Liberals of trying to delay the vote in hopes that the Conservative numbers decline, the typical outrage came out. "Stephen Harper has hit a new low," said Benedict Brison. Prime Minister Jack Layton said, "I think it was quite despicable and a very sad day". Carolyn Parrish got her two cents in as well - no surprise there.

Hopefully, Canadians see through the Liberal arrogance (maybe I am hoping for a miracle, here) - of course the Liberals are trying to delay! They were trying to delay a vote of non-confidence (on a specific motion or via a money bill) past the by-election in Newfoundland/Labrador - but, that wasn't going to play. So, they moved up the budget - if they fail, they want to be able to campaign on their socialist ideals. And if a Conservative or two cannot show up - all the better.

Of course, even if he wins the vote on Thursday, the Prime Minister could go to the Governor-General, and ask her to dissolve parliament - and call an election for some-time in December or January (as he promised during his speech). At least that way, Big Paulie wouldn't be campaigning for the next half-year on your money (unless you donated to the Liberal Party, in which case my deepest sympathies, and please feel free to visit the Conservative Party Website to make a penance-contribution)