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Friday, March 31, 2006

Add Colin Mayes' vision of Canada to the list below

Then again, at least one of our MP’s isn’t all that much better then the Bahamians. Backbencher Colin Mayes (Okanagan-Shuswap) suggested that reporters who do not do their jobs properly be jailed.

Err, Colin – remember, we are the right-wing party, we believe in a free and open market – that means that reporters can write pretty much whatever they want, and if they do a poor job people don’t buy their articles, and they end up starving. We don’t throw the press in the gulag because they disagree with us.

So far, we are doing a good job at dispelling the myth that we are a bunch of neo-conservative facists. People like Colin Mayes just aren’t helping that cause, and while I agree with the freedom of individual MP’s to speak their minds… hopefully this story doesn’t grow legs, because it reinforces the worst fears about us.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger Ken D said...

Wow, what he said is just sickening.

"But it will never happen “because the media would cry ‘censorship' and ‘authoritarian state' ... but the truth is we need ethical leadership from the media too.”"

Not only the media, but your own party will say that. This is censorship and an authoritarian state at its worst.


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